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Covid 19 Notice

Mar 13 2020 03:43:00

We've been actively monitoring the situation with regard to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our top priority is to ensure the welfare of our employees whilst also ensuring that we will continue to maintain the level of service that our clients and customers have come to expect from us.

At the moment, it is business as normal for Kernan Property Services. However, we are taking steps to mitigate the impact of the changing situation in-line with guidance from authorities. This includes a provision for employees to work from home when required. We are regularly monitoring the situation and will update you in due course should there be unavoidable changes to our service.

We aim to deal with all aspects in the usual way. However, if services have to change and aspects cannot be dealt with as normal, please ensure that this will communicated to all our clients and customers in writing.