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First time buyers no worse off

Aug 14 2019 06:38:00

An online agency has struck out against the conventional wisdom that it’s tougher than ever before for first time buyers to afford to get on the ladder.

Nested claims that its research shows today’s first timers are on av rage 27 years old – the same age as their parents wen they first bought 30 years ago.

The agency’s claim comes despite it having commissioned a study which showed that 80 per cent of some 1,500 adults in the poll believed it would be impossible for a young person to buy a home today, with 60 per cent fearing their own children - when they grew up - would be unable to afford to be owner occupiers.

Nested spokesman Ben Bailey says:“We often hear of younger people’s fears that they won’t be able to buy a home, but [the] research shows that the dream of home-ownership is still within their grasp. At 27, the first-time buyers of today are exactly the same age their parents were when they took their first steps on the property ladder 30 years ago.”