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Kernan Property Services update

Mar 18 2020 02:38:00

Kernan Property Services – Business as usual

In line with the recent government guidance, we have taken the decision to
close our Crossmaglen office to the general public, but please be reassured
the business is still fully operational and the level of service you will receive
won't be affected.
All staff will be available on the same telephone and E-mail contact details
you will have.  
Where possible we ask that:
• Items should be scanned and sent by E-mail and not posted or DX
(Eg: contract renewals).
Our post will be checked as normal, but as no guarantees can be made by
Royal Mail or DX as to delivery, we would ask you don't assume anything you
have sent has been received.  If you are not sure please contact our office to
check if they have been received.
If you do have any questions regarding the above please do let us know.
Kernan Property Services