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Stamp Duty Land Tax – Increased rates for non-residents

Jul 27 2021 04:50:00

From 1 April 2021, new increased rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) apply to purchases of residential property in England and Northern Ireland by non-UK residents. The rates are 2% above those applying to UK residents. If you're a non-UK resident and planning a purchase, please be aware of the increased rates, so that you can budget for SDLT when buying a new property.

Individuals who are buying a property will be classed as non-resident if, in the year before their purchase (usually at the date of completion), they have been outside of the UK for 183 days or more. Also, where two or more people are buying the property, the increased rates will apply if any of them is a non-UK resident.

Different rules apply for purchases by companies, trusts and other non-individual buyers.

You can find more information on this change and on SDLT at GOV.UK.