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What Impact Will Brexit Have?

Feb 23 2021 04:47:00

Brexit Impact

What impact will Brexit have for the time being, for the immediate future and for the long run in our locality around the border region?


Northern Ireland still remains the cheapest region in Ireland and the UK to purchase a property in, with the average house price at £147,593.


The Northern Irish market remained resilient throughout the period of Brexit negotiations where UK property sales, in general, had slowed considerably, how will we perform now that we have formally left the EU?


Given the level of activity we are currently experience among buyers in our office, it would appear that the market will continue to perform well throughout 2021 and beyond.

January 2021 Average house prices

Newry, Mourne & Down 

£159,305 (€183,800) + 8.9% Increase on the 12 months previous

Co. Monaghan

€187,000 (£162,650 ) + 5% Increase on the 12 months previous

Co. Louth

€227,000 (£197,450 ) + 3% Increase on the 12 months previous