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Selling Tips


Your house should look tidy when potential buyers come to view it but decluttering makes the biggest difference to the saleability of your home. The more you declutter the more space you are giving the buyers to visualise their furniture, their paintings and their decorative accessories around your house.

2.       Update your kitchen

People spend a large portion of their time at home in the kitchen because it really is the heart of so many Northern Irish homes. Renovating your entire kitchen is a big and costly job but there are a few fixes that could really update it:

         i. Updating the door handles can really lift a dated kitchen for very little investment

       ii. Rather than replacing your cabinet doors, paint them. Take the hassle out of this by using a primer which you can paint straight onto the cabinet doors (no sanding necessary) and then paint them whatever colour you would like straight over the primer.

      iii. Fitting a new kitchen tap can bring your kitchen into the 21st Century.

3.       Clean your bathroom

The bath is one of the few features of your house that a new buyer will probably keep so it should really appeal to them. Spending some time giving your bath a really good clean, can improve the overall look of not only your bath but your whole bathroom.

Check your bathroom accessories too. Fresh touches like a new toilet seat or a nice soap dispenser can modernise the room.

4.       Light up every room

A lighter, brighter home is much more appealing to buyers, so open up your curtains and display clean windows that let the light shine. Light makes any property for sale look larger and more inviting to potential Inside rooms, lamps create lots of light with creates the illusion of space. This is particularly useful in the winter months when it is difficult to rely on natural light to create space.

5.       Energy efficiency

Energy efficient homes are becoming more and more important. We are continually asked about properties for sale which are energy efficient. You can now buy loft insulation from as little as £5 per roll and install it yourself. Low heating bills can be a major selling point for Northern Ireland homes and instantly add value to your house. Plus, if you decide not to sell in the end you will benefit from lower heating bills! Have a look at choosing the most efficient insulations and how much it will save on your energy bills.

6.       Extra sockets

If you house is over 15 years old then you can be sure there are not as many sockets as the modern house buyer needs. Consider getting an electrician to add a couple of extra sockets into key rooms such as the living room and bedrooms so that buyers don’t picture their appliances with leads and wires running all over the room to them. It won’t add thousands onto your value but it will obliterate a little inconvenience that everyone hates.

Did you know that you don’t actually need to make structural changes to double your socket capacity if you have single plug sockets? You just need an electrician to rewire the socket for a double plug.

7.       Create a bedroom

You know that study/toy room/dressing room you have spare – by turning it into a bedroom you could add a lot of value to your home. Simply add in a wardrobe and a fold out bed and voila – your three bed semi has just become a four bed in an afternoon. Buyers will still be able to use it in as a study/toy room/dressing room but now see the space in the house in a different light.

8.       Brighten up your carpets

A professional carpet clean can lift the colour of your carpet, make it look less dated and brighten up the room. For old, damaged wooden floors, instead of sanding and re-varnishing them, buy a cheap colour coordinated rug for the room and cover up and scrapes and scraps that make it look past its peak.

9.       Curb appeal

The first things your potential buyer sees are:

A) The driveway

B) The front door

C) The front garden

It is vital they get the best first impression so spend a few pounds and plant some flowers in bloom, give your front door a lick of fresh paint and make sure your curb stones are looking top notch and are all in place. Even a simple thing like a new door knob can give the entrance to your home finesse.

10.   Create storage

Everyone needs extra storage – and no matter how much your house has it could always have more. Look out for unused spaces like the sides of your fireplace or under the stains. Adding in some cheap shelving to nooks and crannies can give that extra space for buyer to play with. It will also give you more storage spots to hide away all your clutter and make these areas look neat and tidy.